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Bazaar's easy-to-use marketplace platform lets you build your online store and start selling in just a few minutes. Reach new customers across India, wherever you are. Test new marketing strategies, drive sales, and trade on the trust we've built with accurate, timely delivery.

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Take your business nationwide

Sell to customers in every Indian zip code — regardless of your location. Take your existing bricks-and-mortar store online, or test a new idea. We handle shipping and host your storefront. You sell.

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The process takes just minutes

  • Upload products

    Upload a products list, either via one of our readymade APIs or OpenAPI or by uploading a .CSV file from Excel.

  • Create your storefront

    Build your branded storefront, controlled from our simple, intuitive dashboard. With a few easy choices you're ready to sell.

  • Get orders

    Get found by buyers from all across India, accept orders and process payments effortlessly, and learn what sells best so you can build and scale your store.

  • Fulfill orders

    Delight customers with rapid, accurate, efficient delivery across India from our network of trusted carrier partners.


What do I need to get started?

Our self-service setup process is simple and fast, and there's support if you need it. Before you start, you'll need to make sure you have a couple of things ready:

  • PAN

    We need your PAN number to be tax-compliant. If you're a business, we'll need a PAN number in the name of your business. If you're a sole proprietor it should be in your name.


    GST Identification Numbers are GST tax registration numbers, introduced by the Government of India to keep track of ecommerce businesses. We'll need one of these too.

  • Product list

    We can connect to your existing tools via API if you already have a software solution in place. If you don't you can upload a .CSV file from Excel or a similar program.


Why work with Bazaar?


Sell nationwide

Wherever your base store is located, you can sell across India. With Bazaar's nationwide network of carrier partners, it doesn't matter where your customers are: you have 138 crore people waiting to buy.


Grow fast

Scale nationwide with easy access to new customers and tools to help you build and run your store. Plug in new tools when necessary to support your growth, and dial in your product descriptions and marketplace identity to increase sales.


Manage easily

Getting started is simple and fast. So is managing your Bazaar storefront. With a centralized dashboard showing you inventory, order management, sales, pricing and more, you're in control.

You get...

  • Turnkey tools

    When you want a feature, there's a tool that adds it in a few clicks. Setup, management and scaling are all simple.

  • Lookalike businesses

    Model your business on other successes on the platform until you figure out how to trade on what makes you unique.

  • Trust

    Visitors already trust our marketplace, so you're starting with our seal of approval and access to our audience.

  • Support

    Bazaar is self-serve, but there's support by chat, email and phone if you need it. We've got you!

Ready to start growing your business online?

Bazaar gives you the keys to growth via a nationwide audience, turnkey tools and built-in trust. Get hyperlocal delivery across India. Set up in just a few minutes.

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